About Us

Generation E Institute (GenEI), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization based in Macomb, MI, ignites the entrepreneurial spirit with community programs that inspire and guide creative thinking to compete in tomorrow’s economy. GenEI provides entrepreneurial programs to youth, nationally through our program called Biz Whiz. This collaboration of services offers a pipeline, youth through adults to develop the skills needed to launch and sustain successful businesses.

Our innovative programs feature action-based learning and give youth plenty of hands-on experiential learning through critical thinking exercises, problem-solving activities, and research that encourage discussions and turn abstract principles into practical actions and create their own business ventures.

Grants, private donations, and the generosity of volunteers allow us to keep our service fees affordable.


Lasting Value

Entrepreneurship education benefits youth in several ways and gives them the basis on which to build a multitude of critical employment skills. Students learn business fundamentals, including planning, management, financing, market economics, competition, advertising and marketing, customer service, ethics, product development and profit.
  • Beyond business – youth gain academic and professional advantages by improving skills like math, language, creative and critical thinking, teamwork, and public speaking. They also see benefits to their social skills, personal development, and self-esteem, all while having a great time with their peers.
  • Focused learning – young people love to dream. They love to realize their dreams through their own effort and ingenuity. Our programs build on a young person’s personal interests and desire for creative fun to keep them excited and energized. Certified instructors and volunteer mentors provide the guidance and encouragement to keep youth focused and on track to success.

Each community has unique educational requirements and circumstances, and we collaborate to tailor our formal process as needed. We provide the necessary training and tools to enable communities to continue entrepreneurship education independently and indefinitely.

We are available to:

  • Assess – Surveys to help us evaluate a communities educational assets, environment, and interest level.
  • Plan – We work closely with community stakeholders to set goals and build enthusiasm.
  • Engage – Community conversations help identify key roles ad potential participants.
  • Train – We prepare instructors and coaches and provide customized programs.
  • Support – We maximize outcomes through implementation, outreach and ongoing support.