Biz Whiz, previously known as Teaching Success, is a global program that offers certification training to educators and community program instructors to deliver a GenEI Biz Whiz program to student’s grades three-twelve. Soon it will continue its expansion and complete the entrepreneurial pipeline through the development of the K-5 curriculum.

Every Biz Whiz program encourages youth to become engaged in their education, while giving them the opportunity to DREAM BIG and explore career pathways based on their own interests. Entrepreneurship is the vehicle that allows youth to unleash their creativity, looking at their own interests, talents, and abilities, while connecting it to the world of work. As youth learn about business development, we take them through the process of idea generation, market surveys, developing a business and financial plan, while incorporating project-based activities for students to learn soft skills, manners and etiquette, and communication, to prepare them for the world of work. They experience first-hand the risks and rewards of business ownership.

Each program is flexible and can be integrated into any subject area allowing youth to explore different pathways and business ventures based on English, math, art, trades, business, etc. It also fits well in community based programs: churches, libraries, before and after school programs, etc.

Generation E is always looking for educators and organization instructors who are interested in bringing this unique program to their classroom or community program.


Biz Whiz 101

This program is designed for elementary students. It can be integrated into a classroom or can run as its own program in a community organization. It is developed for students to work together in team businesses. Depending on grade level, students will run a for-profit business or a social enterprise. Biz Whiz 101 is in a “kit” format. Once an individual is certified, they can choose to purchase the kit with all of the lessons, activities, and supplies needed to implement the program.

Biz Whiz 201

This program is for middle school students where they will be encouraged to take their own interests, talents, and abilities, to start and run their own operational businesses.

For many, this will be the first time they will be exploring a variety of career pathways, if they were not able to go through Biz Whiz 101.

This program is designed to run in a school setting over a course of six to eight weeks or in a community organization. Like all of the Biz Whiz programs, it is flexible to run as short or as long of a program as you would like.

All of the units and lessons align with the National Content Standards and Benchmarks for Entrepreneurship and Business Education.

Biz Whiz 301

This is a program geared towards high school students and young adults.

This program is flexible and can be offered to youth in a variety of unique settings. It can be offered as a full high school level course, eligible for articulation college credit, dual enrollment, early college credit, or credit recovery.

It is very popular in the Career and Technology Centers as it can easily be added into any program in any career field. The units and lessons align with the National Content Standards and Benchmarks for Entrepreneurship and Business Education.